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Contemporary Design

I try to let the natural character of the wood speak for itself. Often times to make something look simpler is actually harder but the results are more than worth it.

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tri joint6x4.jpg

Interlocking Construction

Traditional interlocking joinery is not only the strongest way to join wood together, it also creates interesting patterns that add character to a piece of furniture.

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live-edge-wood-slab copy.jpg

Materials Grown in Your Backyard

South Western Ontario produces some of the best timber on the planet and everything I use was either grown or milled locally. No particle board! I work with a sawmill that specializes in reclaiming lumber from urban tree removal.

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Ocesn Alliance horns 6x4.jpg

Now for Something Completely Different

My art practice uses wood and other natural materials in part of my “Instruments for Landscapes” Series like the above sound installation in Cape Ann.

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Even a difficult closet can become a centrepiece with the right design.

Ebonized White Oak sliding doors and custom closet bar.

Bar Roller.jpg


Dedicated to sustainability.

Driving through the countryside looking at pastoral farmsteads it’s hard to believe all of Southwestern Ontario use to be covered a Carolinian Forest. While only pockets of this forest remain the trees that once comprised it are still enormously important to the environment.

Miles Tree.jpg